Vancouver TheatreSports Moving Forward

As presented to our members on Sunday, June 7th, the Board is committed to comprehensive structural changes at VTS. It is clear from discussions with our members, the community and from hearing from our Diversity and Inclusion Committee that change is needed now.

We are committed to move forward with a rebuild of VTS. Effective immediately we are taking the following steps:

Complete Re-Structure and Re-Build of VTS
The dissolution of current programming and artistic structure: The current structure of the Mainstage Ensemble, the Artistic Team, the Tech Team, the ICI and the Rookie League of Vancouver TheatreSports are dissolved. Through consultation and collaboration with our members we will re-imagine and re-build.

Interim Artistic Team: Until we are able to establish our longer-term structure and have more certainty around COVID-19, an interim team/committee will be brought together. This team will be responsible for guiding the artistic responsibilities and direction during this interim phase. These appointments are not permanent and can and will be changed as we move forward. Our commitment remains to hire an Artistic Director once finances permit.

Transparency and Inclusivity:

  • Focus Groups: Management has established a schedule for a series of focus groups throughout the month of June and early July of small focus groups of interested members to listen, and gather information for the rebuild of VTS and how it can best grow to substantively meet our goals of inclusion and financial stability.
  • Town Halls: Management will set a schedule of town halls for the larger membership and board to facilitate discussion from all stakeholders.
  • Communication:  Management and the Board can be reached at for direct communication, and/or for those who do not want to or cannot participate through the Town Hall or Focus Group processes to provide their ideas and feedback.

Diversification of Board and Board Accountability: The Board is committed to diversification of the Board’s make-up. If you know individuals from diverse backgrounds with experience in artistic theatre management, diversity and inclusion programming, accounting, fundraising, marketing, and legal training we welcome those resumes as well as input from the Diversity and Inclusion Committee with respect to recruitment and appointments.

All of the Board members are committed to guiding the organisation through this consultation process. We hope this process will bring forward diverse candidates who can be added to the Board level in the short term while also understanding that this process may result in profound changes to the existing Board. We are prepared for and welcome this change.

Moving forward:  By July 10, 2020 we will have collated the discussions and ideas received from our members and stakeholders and distill them into a structure that will provide equality of opportunity throughout the organization.

The Board is of the view that whatever structures are adopted in the future must have full transparency and accountability built into them.

With these steps of dissolving the existing structure across the organization, we’re committed to building a stronger, safer, more versatile, more inclusive organisation which meets the needs and reflects the talents of the wonderfully diverse communities we serve; raising the curtain on a space of which we can all be proud.

Management and the Board can be reached at for direct communication

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