New Year’s Eve 2019

Laugh out the old year and pop the cork on the new with three special New Year's Eve performances to choose from on December 31.

New Year’s Eve 2019

Laugh Out the Old Year and Pop the Cork on the New

Elections, mass demonstrations, climate change, impeachment scandals and perennial Vancouver favourite – ‘affordable housing’ dominated the news headlines in 2019. Bid farewell to all that doom and gloom as Vancouver TheatreSports’™ 2019 Year in Review takes an improvised look at these top stories and adds a much-needed comedic perspective as we prepare for the coming year.

Our improvisers may also look behind the scenes of actual (though stranger than anything we could make up), hilarious headlines such as: ‘Bridesmaid dons T. Rex costume for sister’s wedding’ , ‘Woman hospitalized after posing with octopus on her face, ‘Police stop McDonald’s from selling milkshakes near Nigel Farage rally,’ or this stunning story – ‘ Man Fashions Fabulously Tiny Hats for Toad Who Visits His Porch Every Day.’

No news story, no matter how improbable, is safe from ridicule and as always, the scenarios will be based on audience suggestions – challenging our quick-witted improvisers to create instant, unscripted comedy. While much of 2019 was no laughing matter, our cast will have you crying tears of joy at their in-the-moment reinterpretations of the news-that-was, and you’ll leave the theatre feeling lighter and happier.

We have a special set of New Year’s Eve performances on Tuesday, December 31. Book your tickets for the 11:15 p.m. show on December 31 and enjoy party favours and a complimentary glass of bubbly as we welcome all the hilarity 2020 is sure to offer.

The New Year’s Eve shows have special pricing ranging from $38.25 – $45.75 online.

New Year’s Eve schedule:

  • Tuesday, December 31st
    • 7:30 p.m. (90 minutes)
    • 9:30 p.m. (90 minutes)
    • 11:15 p.m. (75 minutes) includes party favours and a complimentary glass of bubbly

Curious about what’s in store for 2020? Check out our new 2020 Year of Predictions show from January 2 to 4.

Special Offer:

If you purchase tickets to 2019 Year in Review (including New Year’s Eve) online and want to see what the year ahead holds, you will receive a special discount code for 20% off your online purchase of tickets to 2020 Year of Predictions running January 2 through 4.


NOTE: This show is suitable for children aged 8 and over. We cannot accommodate younger children, toddlers or infants. Any show may contain mature content and language, parental discretion is advised.

Programming and shows subject to change without notice.


Hilarious. Booked in for New Year's Eve 9.30pm special, was worried we wouldn't understand some of the jokes or news references -- being from overseas -- but that couldn't be further from the truth. Brilliantly planned and executed. My daughter, who is 12, laughed so hard. It was fantastic, highly, highly recommend.

Tanya Charlotte Targett, Facebook Review

Went New Year's Eve with a group. A great night out. The players are so fast. Very funny. I will go again.

Tom Smith, Google Review

Great fun! Drinks bought at the bar can be taken into the theatre. Good audience interaction, affordable entertainment.

Chris Elder, Google Review

I’ve been to over 30 shows over the past 7 years I can’t recall a single time I didn’t almost tinkle in my pants from laughing so hard. This place is beyond amazing.

Benny Adam, Google Business Review

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