Our People

Meaghan Hommy

  • Joined VTS: 2016
  • How did you become an improv actor?: “My friend who is also an actor, asked me to take an intro improv class with him to gain that skill for acting, so about 3 and half years ago I took Spontaneity, obviously loved it, and the rest is history.”
  • Where did you receive your improv training?: “I am a pure ICI student.”
  • TV credit: My Little Pony (2018)
  • Film credit: The Pitch (2018)
  • Web series credit: Ana: The Series (2018)
  • Other improv: “I am one of the founding members of The Dirty Betty Show created by Claire Pollock.”
  • Awards: Van Chan Webseries Award 2016: ‘Best Supporting Actress’ for work in Almost Actors
  • Favourite VTS show: Cult Fiction
  • Favourite book: The Way the Crow Flies by Anne Marie McDonald
  • Favourite film: Mean Girls
  • Favourite TV show: Friends
  • Comic inspirations: Amy Pohler, Melissa Villaseñor, Aidy Bryant
  • What one thing would you like the audience to know about you?: “I do an incredible Australian accent.”

How did improv change your life?

“Improv has changed my life substantially. First and foremost I have met some of the most driven talented and wonderful people in my life. It has changed my career as an actor and allowed me to be on stage making people laugh which has always been a dream of mine, and to be able to do it on this stage with this group of people is truly incredible and I feel very lucky.”

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