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Margret Nyfors

Ensemble - Mainstage and Director, Public Education/ICI
  • Joined VTS: 1995
  • Awards: “Outstanding punctuality in Grade 3.”
  • Favourite VTS show: Babble Fish at Off Leash
  • Favourite TV shows: Dragon’s Den, Shark Tank
  • Favourite movie: Clueless (1995)
  • Comic inspirations: “The members of the Rookie League and the students of the Improv Comedy Institute.”
  • “Most people don’t realize I am horrifically shy.”
  • Margaret loves pets and her travel trailer. She will talk about them non-stop if you let her.
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  • Listen to this feature interview with Margret on the Yes But Why podcast


ICI staff and instructor bio:

Director of Public Education and Co-Director of Rookie League

Margret Nyfors has been a mainstage performer with the Vancouver TheatreSports™ League for many years. She has performed in tournaments and festivals all over North America. She has been nominated for a Canadian Comedy award twice. Margret has also been a teacher of improv for years and is the Co-Director of the Rookie League at VTS. She always enjoys encouraging growth and development in new players. Taking risks, challenging yourself and having fun are the key ingredients of her classes.

Margret is always keen to learn new things herself and believes you can never truly master this wonderful art form. It is this “forever student” mentality that keeps her enthusiastic about improv and she loves sharing her insights with her students. Margret believes there is no one way to do improv and that all great improvisors are fluent in as many improv styles and techniques as possible.

To that end, she has trained in places like Vancouver, Chicago, San Francisco, LA, Seattle, Atlanta, Edmonton and other places. Margret believes the core skills learned in improv are good for everyone – actors, professionals, shy people – they enhance your life and make things fun.

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