Our People

Laura Skelton

Events Manager, Ensemble – Tech Improviser (Sound)
  • Joined VTSL: 1989
  • Why did you become a tech improviser? “I volunteered as lighting operator at the Loose Moose Theatre when I was in high school and when I moved here, came to check out the scene as I knew many actors who were now performing in Vancouver (after moving from Calgary after the Calgary Olympics). One thing led to another and I was asked to tech a show here and there, and then learned sound one night when they were short. More than 25 years later……here I am.”
  • What do you like most about tech improv? “Being a part of the show without being a part of the show. Also, finding the perfect music to match scenes is super mega fun!”
  • Challenges of tech improv: “Knowing when less is more.  Sometimes it’s best to leave the scene alone…it’s tempting to always feel like something needs to be added, but that’s not always the case.”
  • 2016 (June & July) Laura was part of the VTSL touring company (with Denise Jones, Michael Teigen and Graeme Duffy) that performed on the Crystal Symphony cruise of the Baltic and Scandinavia.
  • Comic inspirations : ‘the late, great’ Bill Hicks

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