Our People

Jullian Kolstee

Ensemble, Tech Improviser, Front of House
  • Joined VTS: 2010 (Rookie League) 2018 (Ensemble)
  • How did you become an improv actor? “It was the beginning of 8th grade. I had a new girlfriend and we were supposed to hang out after school one day but she wanted to audition for the improv team. I tagged along, just tried to make her laugh, and I actually made the team. She didn’t. We broke up.”
  • Where did you receive your improv training? “I began improvising in the Canadian Improv Games with Carson Graham Improv from 2004-2009, was lucky enough to attend the Improv Camp, and participate in three Next Act West festivals and one Next Act East from 2010-2013. I trained with Instant Theatre for four years, with Dave Morris in Victoria whenever I can, and in the inaugural semester at Blind Tiger.”
  • Other improv: “You can find me regularly hosting shows and performing with my students at Carson Graham Improv, playing in my duo Tenants with Max Montesi, or guesting on friends’ shows like Little Mountain Improv and Bloodfued.”
  • Web series credit: Co-creator of Cliffhanger High – Mystery Girl on Young Actors Project
  • Awards:
    • Capilano University Alumni Association: 50th Anniversary Alumni Award of Excellence 2018
    • Canadian Improv Games National Silver Medalist (coach) 2017
    • Canadian Improv Games National Silver Medalist (coach) 2016
    • Capilano Courier Best of Capilano Readers’ Choice Awards 2016: ‘Biggest Campus Change-Maker’
    • Capilano Courier Best of Capilano Readers’ Choice Awards 2016: ‘Best Student Politician’
    • City of North Vancouver ‘Outstanding Supporter of Youth’ Award 2013
    • Vancouver Fringe Festival ‘Rookie Volunteer of the Year’ 2010
    • Canadian Improv Games: Improv Camp 2009 – Award for Merit
  • Favourite VTS show: Ultimate Improv Championship
  • Favourite movie: Akira Kurosawa films in general (e.g. Ran, Seven Samurai, Kagemusha)
  • Favourite TV show: CBC The National
  • Comic inspirations: Dave Chapelle, George Carlin, Marx Brothers, Alistair Cook, and Dave Morris
  • “I’m here because of the wonderful people and programs of the Canadian Improv Games: introduce the kids and teens in your life to it. They will thank you for it.”

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