Our People

John Voth

  • Joined VTS: 2016 (Guest Artist)
  • He grew up in Germany and Australia and moved to Canada at the age of 17
  • Awards: 2014 Jessie Richardson Award, “Best Actor’ for The Foreigner at Pacific Theatre
  • TV appearance: Supernatural
  • Favourite VTS show: Off Leash
  • Favourite movie: Heat (1995) and old Al Pacino films
  • He plays the violin
  • Comic inspiration: Jim Carrey and Jackie Chan
  • John has a very cute copper miniature poodle named Dexter
  • “I had an encounter with a bear once, we stay in touch.”

How did improv change your life?
“Improv has changed the way I’ve thought of the word ‘should’. In so many areas in life, that word ‘should’ is ever present. You should behave and react in certain ways in social interactions, you should hit certain milestones in you life at a certain age, you should take life seriously. Stories should have a certain structure.

Improv has shown me that ‘should’ is the least effective way to live your life and live in stories. There are so many exciting things that can happen if you  allow yourself to live in the moment and see what life gives you instead of forcing a ‘should’ on your own life. I’ve learned this through Improv. To accept what life is giving me with joy.”

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