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Jamie Chrest

Ensemble, Front of House
  • Joined VTSL: 2014 (Rookie League), 2016 (Guest Artist)
  • Why did you become an improv actor? “I became an improv actor from the sheer belief others had in me. I was in Film school and I went to see my first improv show in a small old back room that used to be a dance boudoir in the west end. I remember watching a scene that was simple yet perfect. It was about King Kong and was full of innuendo… I was hooked. In film school I was taking improv classes, but frankly they terrified me. An instructor of mine asked if I wanted to be in an improvised wedding that he was producing. My inner actor who says yes to everything did just that. Suddenly I was at a photoshoot and part of an improv group overnight. My first show ended up being an improv musical and I haven’t looked back since. Improv completely shifted my trajectory as an actor. Total magic.”
  • Where did you train? “ I was an actor/improviser as a youth through the Multicultural Heritage Center in Stony Plain Alberta when I was 16-18. I graduated from the Vancouver Film School in 2010 and that is where I received my first formal training in improv. I have also trained with Instant Theatre, Joe Bill as well as multiple workshops throughout the city with individual instructors.”
  • Film credit: “ In 2016 I voiced a few characters including a lead in an animation called Shadow and Ally, alongside Christine Lippa and Ellie Harvie .
  • Other improv: The Fictionals, Queerprov.
  • Awards:
    • 2019 Leo Nomination, Best Production Design Motion Picture for Killbird
    • 2019 Web Fest Nomination, Best production Design for Michelle’s Soap Opera
    • 2018 Leo Award, Best Production Design Short Drama for Mental
  • Favourite VTSL shows : Throne and Games – A Chance of Snow, Gorilla
  • Favorite VTSL role: Gilly in Throne and Games. “It has been incredible to find the comedy in such a low status character while staying true to the genre. Such an incredible show.”
  • Favorite movie: Jurassic Park – “ because I am still a dinosaur loving kid at heart. I saw it 14 times in the theatre.”
  • Favourite TV show: “My favorite TV show is not watching TV. I am the girl you can find running through the woods during my time off from life. I would much rather be floating in a lake than anything else.”
  • Comic inspiration: “My father. He has always been the life of the room and I find myself becoming him whether I like it or not! He has always said, ‘Don’t let fear and common sense hold you back.’ If that isn’t something to live by, I don’t know what is.”
  • “I crave thrilling experiences and have been around the world collecting lives and adventures but nothing is more exhilarating and rewarding than getting on that stage night after night… and audiences pay to come and see it. I cannot thank the audiences enough. What a world we get to create together for only a moment. Improv truly does change lives.”
  • Follow Jamie on Twitter: @JamieRChrest.


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