Our People

Brendan Kelly

  • Joined VTSL: 2016
  • Why did you become a tech improviser?: “I tried being on stage and couldn’t keep up with the pros. But I can always find an appropriate bumper, nice moody lighting and love to force a player to make a mean martini.”
  • What do you like most about tech improv?: “You secretly have all the power. The players are at your mercy. The trick is using that power wisely. Mostly for good, not evil. Mostly…”
  • Challenges of tech improv: “Riding the fine line between being supportive and becoming a nuisance. Sometimes less is more. That and Booth Hell. I’ve never done a satisfying Booth Hell scene.”
  • Favourite book: Hero With a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell
  • Favourite movie: Trainspotting
  • Favourite TV show: Star Trek (in its various incarnations)
  • “I run half marathons and have large collect of 80s retro alternative on vinyl. As you can probably already tell by my bumper music selection.”
  • Comic inspiration: George Carlin

How did improv change your life?
“I come from a background of doing sound for heavily cued theatre style shows. When I did my first technical gig for QueerProv I had absolutely no idea what to do. I had a hard time breaking out of the mould of strictly following cues. The idea of having total creative freedom was entirely foreign to me. To get a better understanding I started taking workshops and I quickly became addicted. The idea of collaboratively making up a story on the spot was thrilling. It opened up my imagination in a way I never previously envisioned. I had also just moved to Vancouver from Ontario in 2015 by myself. I found a community through improv and have made several meaningful connections.”

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