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Brad Rossington

  • Joined VTSL: 2013
  • Other improv appearances: Improv Against Humanity at the Rio Theatre, Sideshow at Pacific Theatre and has a lead role in ‘Rossington Renovations – The Musical’ (release date TBD)
  • Favourite VTSL show: Off Leash
  • Favourite VTSL role: Jamie in Throne and Games
  • Favourite movie: The Shawshank Redemption
  • Comic inspiration: Patton Oswalt
  • “It’s a great feeling watching you enjoy the show!”


How did improv change your life?
“Improv has changed my live in many ways and on several occasions. My enjoyment for improv was born, like many, out of playing warm-up games in high school theatre classes. I would say that was the first significant change in my life; finding a group of people who shared in a style of comedy, laughing together and having the seeds of confidence planted by performing for your classmates.

Once graduated I stumbled upon improv again, this time using it as a tool to bond with youth at the local youth centre in Maple Ridge where I worked. Not only did the youth gain similar benefits, as I had during my introduction to the art, but It allowed us a to recreate with the youth in a different way and once again those seeds of confidence found themselves sewn in new gardens. It’s amazing to me the invigoration someone feels when they get a laugh or create an emotional connection with their audience simply by creating on the spot. During my time at the youth centre is when I connected with a group of people I would join for the next 10 years of my improv career. A fellow co-worker (Russ Brummer) offered me a guest spot in one of their shows and several months later I joined Table 23 Comedy.

Table 23 gave me years of friendship and memories made possible by our mutual love of improv and the opportunities it provided. Sharing the stage regularly with the same people creates a unique bond which I still cherish with that group.

In 2012 I joined Rookie League with VTSL and The Fictionals, which turned out to be another significant step in my improv career and corner stone for my direction personally. The community that surrounded Rookie League and The Fictionals was warm and welcoming, and was a haven during a rough time in my personal life. I am thankful for that support network and I feel it shaped who I am today. Perhaps the most significant change that Improv brought into my life was meeting my partner through VTSL, something I doubt would have happened otherwise. The most wonderful sunshine in my life, thanks to an art that I love. I now enjoy performing with very talented people on a regular basis on stages all over the city, and am grateful for that and the continued opportunities improv grants me.”

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