Our People

Andrew Job

  • Joined VTSL: 2015
  • How did you become an improv actor?: “Started improvising with my high school improv team competing in the Canadian Improv Games. I had found what I was best at and loved doing more than anything. After graduating from the Theatre Program at Douglas College, I realized my improvisation skills would be my super power as an actor. Never looked back since.”
  • Where did you receive your improv training?:
    • Canadian Improv Games Workshops taught by Dave Morris and Mark Little.
    • Graduated ICI Core Series.
    • Dozens of workshops taught by individuals like Joe Bill and Frank Totino.
    • “Most importantly though, through years of failing with joy and taking risks on stage.”
  • Recently appeared in commercials for VRIFY Technologies, Toyota, and Coors Light.
  • Other improv:
    • “I perform improv & sketch in my comedy duo ‘Those Guys’: Facebook.com/thoseguysvancouver.”
    • A member of Fort Night Improv, Improv Salon, and has guested with The Fictionals.
  • Favourite VTS show: Throne and Games
  • Favourite book: A New Earth by Echkart Tolle
  • Favourite film: Interstellar
  • Favourite TV show: Lost
  • Comic inspirations: Jim Carrey, Jerry Seinfeld, Garry Shandling
  • What one thing would you like the audience to know about you?: “There’s nothing I love to do more than make an audience become one together in the present moment through laughter.”

How did improv change your life?

I can trace almost every great personal accomplishment, friendship, and acting career opportunity back to improv. Improv has given me the confidence to adapt to and make the best of whatever life throws my way. Improv allows the old control freak in me the ability to be, in any given scene, the writer, director, and star yet also the freedom to let go of all control and just go wherever the scene and my trusted scene partners take me. Improv has changed my life for the better and I couldn’t imagine my life without it.

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