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Wow your guests with Vancouver TheatreSports’ Roving Performers.

Tailored to your event, our professional team of Roving performers are experts at adding memorable moments to any special occasion. Whether pulling off an epic practical joke that will become a part of your organization’s story (the big reveal is always a highlight of any event), or the addition of a proven roving character concept, we’ll work with you to create an experience that nobody was expecting!

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Why Vancouver TheatreSports’ Roving Performers?

Not only do we entertain over 60,000 people every year at The Improv Centre, we’ve been delighting our event clients for over 20 years, including interacting with thousands during roving performances. Our know-how and professionalism ensure a seamless process for you, the organizer, and an entertainment experience your attendees will be talking about long after the event.

Roving Performer Favourites

Bumbling Waiters

Adding our Bumbling Waiters is a great way to create buzz and energy at your event, building to the big reveal  –  in what is actually Vancouver TheatreSports. This is an easy way to add a hilarious element to your event and proves to be our most popular Roving Performer concepts.

Our professional cast ensure they deliver a hilarious reveal that will have your guests talking long after the event is over. We work seamlessly with your venue’s catering staff to bring a hilarious component, while not impacting the service and work of the real wait staff. We can work with you to customize specifically to your venue, guests and theme.

Bumbling Event Photographers

See above and you get the idea. We’ve had a lot of fun with this concept working as photographers at company parties, conferences, weddings, anniversary parties, launch parties, real estate openings and more. As with the waiters, it’s always a big hit when we do the reveal that “those” photographers everyone is talking about are actually Vancouver TheatreSports’ performers.

Iconic Mounties

What’s more Canadian than the regal Mountie? Whether you’re a tour group visiting Vancouver, a conference, company party or special event, our popular Canadian Royal Mounted Police characters provide hilarious interactions, unique photo ops and a real Canadian flare.


Let your guests feel like a celebrity as they arrive at your event. Our Roving Paparazzi performers will have your attendees laughing, interacting and ready to celebrate as they make their way along the Red Carpet. Corporate events, gala nights, birthday parties, awards nights…whatever the special occasion, this concept has proven to be a big hit.

Other roving favourites include Long Island Mediums, Roving Rappers, Santa Claus and his elves.

(We do a lot of work with organizations in the area of team building. Check out our Team Building packages)

Custom Concepts

We are also constantly creating customized characters for clients. We’ll work with you to create an intricate practical joke, or a scenario where our performers step into your theme or concept and add an element of wonder, surprise and fun.

Roving characters can often be understated. They don’t need to be ‘wacky”. We’ve worked with many clients in scenarios that required our performers to inspire and entertain through thoughtful interaction and embracing a role befitting a more hushed tone – helping create a unique shared experience for guests.

Contact Jeff at or 604-738-7013 x 36 to discuss our Roving Performer options.

It was a great experience! The team was shocked and happy with the reveal and are vowing revenge on me. Brian was fantastic and played the part perfectly. Thanks for helping to make our event memorable.

Trevor Pidcock, IT/IQ Tech Recruiters

You guys were great!! Can’t say enough about how well it went over.

Becky Miller, IAHTM Executive Director

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