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As a pioneer in the world of improv-based corporate training, Vancouver TheatreSports has been helping build more productive, creative and cohesive organizations for over 15 years.

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Corporate Workshops


Impactful Storytelling

In these sessions you will learn techniques to articulate a story, to prepare and be ready to engage an audience, whether that’s an audience of one or many. We work with many groups, from front-line customer service personnel, tour guides, engineers, senior managers and educators on how to create a compelling narrative using the Improv Mindset.

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Team Building (Collaboration)

One of our most popular workshops. Our Team Building is designed to help shift a team’s culture, increasing collaboration, productivity and the morale of your group. Whether you’re looking for a fun team event, or a team building experience that focuses on fundamentally impacting the overall culture, we have proven models that will exceed your expectations.

Communication (Presentation Skills and Sales)

Whether it’s trying to land one potential client, or presenting to a room of hundreds – our “Presentation Skills workshop” will help you become a master at presenting and communicating. As an improv-based corporate training company, we’re experts in the areas of “Communication and Presentations”. We provide real-world tools to help individuals become compelling presenters.

In this workshop, you will learn to:

  • express ideas clearly and confidently.
  • win over an audience.
  • become adept at reading a room and building trust.
  • think on your feet and become more comfortable dealing with unexpected situations.
  • understand the importance of physical presence and body language.

***Improv Training for Lawyers Workshop***

Innovation (Creativity)

Innovation is about tapping into each individual’s personal Improv Mindset to collaboratively create and innovate at the highest level. We will explore how your team members can show up every day to contribute with confidence and agility.

The benefits to your team include:

  • creating a culture of support that encourages ideas
  •  fully exploring the potential of all ideas
  • increased collaboration which leads to increased lateral thinking and creativity
  • embracing “mistakes” or “failure”
  • accepting, valuing and building on each other’s ideas
  • more productive brainstorming
  • actively listening and being genuinely present with each other
  • viewing change as an opportunity

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See what others are saying about the impact of improv for organizations.

Some of our clients

The sensitivity and consideration for the participants the trainers displayed (no one was made to look silly, every idea was acknowledged) allowed everyone to engage in the exercises fully and to truly enjoy themselves. The objectives of the module were clearly articulated and the training delivered in a manner that encouraged all to join in.

BC Human Resources Management Association

The program was great. The team is still talking about it. By creating a fun, loose environment, we were able to work on team building, problem solving and creativity.

Clover Leaf Seafoods

Everyone was laughing, smiling and having a great time and all of them thanked me and said how much they enjoyed it and took away some valuable learning. And this was a room filled with accountants, engineers and business people so I consider the session a great success!

Don Sherrah, Certified Management Consultants of BC

I booked our event with you because I knew what I wanted and I knew that you could deliver. The show was a huge hit! The actors incorporated our information even more than expected. Everyone had a blast! 11 out of 10!

Westland Insurance

Extraordinary team building session. This was simply amazing... Out of the box experience. If you're looking for something different for celebrating with your team, this is the place.

Jean-Pierre G, TripAdvisor member

That was SO much fun!!! TY Ken from @VanTheatreSport You are wonderful!!! So many aha moments, I'm excited for work tomorrow! #hahawithvtsl

Renshaw Travel

Our experienced facilitators are passionate about Improv for Business

Frequently Asked Questions

University of Western Ontario professor Mary Crossan observes in Improvise to Innovate: “Not only do we need to be the best in terms of the traditional management skill set, but we need to add to these skills. Improvisation may be one way of thinking about and developing the new skills needed to succeed.”

Vancouver TheatreSports is internationally recognized as an innovator in the art of improvisation. And with more than 25 years of cutting edge experience there is no one more qualified to lead corporate training through improv.

When employees and leaders are stuck in the face of new challenges, frustrated by the pace and scope of change, unable to see the positive of risk, or when an organization is in a rut, it’s time for some creative thought re-engineering – from linear to lateral.

Yes. During our pre-training consultation we will be able to identify the best fit for your group’s make-up and training objectives. It is entirely possible that a combination of any two or three of our programs may work best for your company.

We are based in Vancouver but we have travelled throughout North America to deliver our unique programs. We can deliver our training at the client’s site or we can arrange a location ourselves that will assure a great training experience for everyone.

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