Colin Mochrie Improv Scholarship

The Colin Mochrie Improv Scholarship is named for a great improviser, Canadian icon and a wonderful friend.

He continues to make a huge impression on the Improv community. In his honor, this annual scholarship has been established to provide assistance to teenagers or adults who want to learn improv but are unable to do so because of financial barriers.


Our Colin Mochrie Improv Scholarship is to award its recipients the opportunity to study improv theatre at the Improv Comedy Institute in Vancouver, BC. Those who exhibit financial need and a strong desire to learn improv in the style of Vancouver TheatreSports are invited to apply.


We are looking for people who are passionate about learning improv. We value team-work, positivity and commitment.


  • Provide scholarships to improvisers in financial need
  • Fundraise to provide those scholarships
  • Further strengthen the Vancouver Improv Community by aiding performers who would not be able to study improv due to financial barriers




Scholarship Requirements

This scholarship is open to any teen or adult who wishes to study improv at the Improv Comedy Institute. The predominant factors in awarding the scholarship will be desire to learn improv at VTS and financial need.

(No one will be denied on the basis of age, experience, gender, race or sexual orientation. Diverse applicants are highly encouraged to apply)


Application Process

If you want to study improv at the Vancouver TheatreSports , but financial barriers are preventing you from doing so, please apply.

1. Write to us and tell us the following:

a) Your name b) Tell us about yourself c) Tell us your acting or improv experience (it’s totally fine if you don’t have any!) d) Tell us why you want to learn improv e) Tell us why you want to learn improv with Vancouver TheatreSports  f) Describe the financial challenges you face and if there are any other options you have for payment or for partial payment (i.e. could you do some volunteer work?)

2. Submit one letter or email of recommendation with contact information of a professional reference (Optional)

All applications will be reviewed and considered, however, only selected applicants will be contacted. Any questions and all applications can be sent to Rachelle Goulter at

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