Improv for Auditions [Commercials]

A workshop for actors and improvisers who wish to specifically hone their commercial auditioning skills.

Improv for Auditions [Commercials]

Want to audition for commercials but are uncertain about how you will do in the room? Commercials can be a lucrative and important component of your work as a professional actor. Commercial auditions can be tricky because you usually only have a few moments to impress the directors. Often actors are asked to improvise scenarios or do multiple takes off the same line or moment. Having a few improv tools under your belt can set you apart from the crowd. This class is for actors and improvisers who wish to specifically hone their commercial auditioning skills. This workshop is jam packed with tips and information that will strengthen your skills. You will learn to fuse improv and practical auditioning techniques and to be more confident. If you are new to acting or acting for commercials or just want to tweak your current skills, this is the class for you.

Prerequisites: A willingness to learn and an openness to feedback and notes is essential.

Upcoming Sessions:

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ICI Studio | 1515 Anderson Street, Granville Island, Vancouver

Cancellation Policy

An administration fee of 25% of the workshop cost is retained upon cancellation. If cancelled within 2 weeks of the workshop start date NO amount is refunded.

Questions about our classes? Please contact Rachelle at or 604.738.7013 ext. 39.


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