Learn how to create environments and objects out of thin air, and make scenes and stories come to life on stage. Pre-requisite: Spontaneity


A good improv scene can transport the audience to places near and far, be it a mountaintop or busy street, a future colony on Mars or 16th century China – all without the usual theatrical aids of elaborate sets, décor or props. In this important Core Series class, we will teach you how to create worlds, environments and objects out of thin air and your imagination. Through skills learned in this course you will be able to paint ‘invisible pictures’ that will help the audience see what you see in your mind’s eye to bring the story to life.

Prerequisites: Spontaneity


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ICI Studio | 1515 Anderson Street, Granville Island, Vancouver BC V6H 3R5

Cancellation Policy:

An administration fee of 25% of the workshop cost is retained upon cancellation. If cancelled within 2 weeks of the workshop start date NO amount is refunded. An administration fee of $15 is retained upon class exchanges. There are NO exchanges within 48 hours of class start time, or once a class has commenced. 100% of the workshop cost is retained in the event of non attendance.



The Colin Mochrie Improv Scholarship

Our Colin Mochrie Improv Scholarship is to award its recipients the opportunity to study improv theatre at the Improv Comedy Institute in Vancouver, BC. Click here to find out more.


Jay Ono Diversity Scholarship

As improvisers, we tell stories and we want our stories to reflect the experiences of our greater community. In order to achieve this, we are encouraging people from under-represented populations within the improv community to apply for the Jay Ono Diversity Scholarship. Click here to learn more.

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