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Trump Card – Winner Takes All, 2016

(Vancouver, BC) – From now through November, everyone’s attention will be glued to a high-stakes game that will affect the world for generations to come – the US election. Vancouver TheatreSports™ (VTSL) ups the ante with its own improvised election interpretation, Trump Card – Winner Takes All, running Thursday through Saturday evenings at 7:30 p.m. from September 28th through November 19th at The Improv Centre on Granville Island.

Fast forward to 2040 – news anchors and political commentators look back to the year 2016 in an attempt to understand how the world has evolved into its current state of affairs. The US and Canadian elections are re-visited for signs, along with other crucial turning points such as the Brexit vote, the untimely disappearance of Donald Trump’s hairdresser, Trudeau and Putin’s ‘who wore it best’ bare-chest competition, and Hillary, Angela and Theresa’s ‘No Old Boys Allowed’ Club. Along the way, audience members guide the action with their suggestions and help determine the important (and not so important) pivotal moments that shaped the future – all portrayed with the razor-sharp wit by VTSL’s crack team of players. This is one game where all the jokers are wild.

At the beginning of the second half of the show, the audience selects two ‘candidates’ (unlikely or otherwise) chosen from characters introduced in the first half of the show. These two will run for world leadership in the 2040 campaign. What ensues is a hilarious candidates’ debate mixed with glimpses of their life and career as inspired by their speeches. As in the first half, suggestions from the audience play an integral role in determining unpredictable scenarios and laugh-packed action. The show ends with a winner-takes-all vote by the audience to elect the new leader. VTSl’s Bar has also become a ‘polling station’ offering a winning slate of leader-themed cocktails available only during Trump Card.

“While the outcome of any election is no joke, through improv we hope to find the humour in what is becoming an increasingly laughable, and scary, situation,” says VTSL Artistic Director Denise Jones.

Join VTSL for a timely look at the events of 2016 and their possible impact on the future of global politics. Hindsight is 20-40.

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