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The Improvised Works of Bill Shakespeare

Friends, Romans, Vancouverites… lend us your ears! The Improvised Works of Bill Shakespeare has been held over by popular demand!

This latest VTSL offering has received rave audience reviews, “…the incredible cast mounted such a funny, funny show …my sides hurt from laughing so much!” According to Province reviewer, Jerry Wasserman,“The Improvised Works of Bill Shakespeare… will maketh thy gut verily bust, I warrant ye.” The Bard has been summoned by the King and Queen to perform for the royal court. Unfortunately, William has not written anything in months and is both unable to prepare a new show or deny the Royal court it’s performance. Luckily William remembered an old Italian man telling him of a form of theatre called Commedia Del Arte where huge portions of the script were made up by the audience. And so, with the assistance of Vancouver TheatreSports® League, The Improvised Works of Bill Shakespeare are born!

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