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The Imprentice

The Imprentice isn’t about “Money, Money, Money, Money” it’s about “Funny, Funny, Funny, Funny” when an all-powerful host, with impossibly bad hair, runs a competition where a group of improvisers must employ all their formal training, their street-smarts, their improv-chutzpah in this ultimate boardroom battle.

Who will hear those dreaded words “You’re Fired!” and which one will be hired to be the “Improv Apprentice”.

Guy Macpherson of The Georgia Straight had this to say about The Imprentice:
“…However, my sour spirits quickly gave way to laughs. Damn those comedic ad-libbers, so quick and able with the spontaneous wit.…I liked the show so much that I returned the following night.”

Fred Johns of SomethingCool News wrote:
“It was an awesome show, one the crowd thoroughly enjoyed. On the way out, I heard someone say “I’m coming back next week.” With a show this good, I very much doubt he will be alone.”

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