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The Impranos

The Impranos is about life with the family.And Tony Imprano’s got two (as if one’s not enough). The story is Tony’s – every night at the “Bada-you-know-what-Room”, he is tormented with questions of right and wrong, decisions of good and evil. Who can he trust and who’s back-dooring him? When is it payback time and who’s going to be “offed” next? Could it be someone in the family?

Tony’s wife Barbarella. All she wants is respectability. And she’ll get it – at all costs! Then there’s Paulie Nonuts – he runs a different racket every night, and all he wants is Tony’s approval. Christopher? He just wants Tony’s admiration. Not as a tough guy, but as the artist he really is (and depending on the night, he could be a flower pot painter or a ballerina). And don’t forget Bitchie. Bitchie just wants Tony dead.

Dr. Belfry may be the only person who can help Tony. But in order to do that Tony must face some demons from his past. And Dr. Belfry must face the fact that she may want more from Tony than she’s letting on! It seems everyone wants a piece of Tony.

Tony Imprano’s taking care of business. Tony Imprano’s taking care of family. But who’s taking care of Tony? Is it his family? Fuhgettaboutit!

Every night, the audience becomes part of that family too. They could hit – or be hit. They have info that Tony needs – and they want what Tony’s got. Power. But will they be a capo or a rat? A perp or a pawn?

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