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This 60 minute NON-Stop improv show squeezes every drop of comedy out of a single suggestion from the audience. Just sit back and watch as our company’s top improvisers weave a comedic web of hilarious scenes, games and monologues without stopping! Although every night will consist of a different combination of classic nonstop games, highlights include:

  • The DOMINO: This cast favourite is a collection of wild character monologues, and scenes involving those characters.
  • The HAROLD: The most famous and revered nonstop improvisational game. Not only do the performers improvise the scenes and characters… they are also improvising the form and shape of the game itself!
  • The ARMANDO: Much like the Harold but with a twist. Each night an Armando is performed, a new local celebrity or standup comic is invited to do personal monologues for the show.
  • PREMIERE: Prepare yourself for an entirely improvised one act play. Give the ensemble a style of film or theatre and an entire one act play will be created on stage for your enjoyment!

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