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Oh, Canada – The True North Strong and Funny, 2017

Laugh ‘Til Your Sides Ache at Oh, Canada – The True North Strong and Funny

May 2017

(Vancouver, BC) – In honour of Canada 150, this summer Vancouver TheatreSports™ (VTSL) takes a loving and comedic look at what makes us uniquely Canadian. Starting June 29 through September 2 Oh, Canada – The True North Strong and Funny, pokes fun at Canadian stereotypes.

Canada is known internationally not just for its polite manners and harsh winters, but also for the quality of its comedy and improv comedians spanning as far back as Wayne and Shuster (1950’s-70’s), SCTV (1970’s – 80’s), Bob and Doug Mackenzie (1980’s), John Candy, Dan Aykroyd, and Mike Myers (1980’s – 2000’s) through to current improv legends, and VTSL alumni, Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie. Oh, Canada pays homage to this rich comedic heritage.

In a series of vignettes and improv games VTSL’s quick-witted improvisers lampoon Canadian ‘institutions’ such as Anne of Green Gables, Heritage Minutes, the Mounties (who remembers Dudley Do-Right?), the Great White North (“take off eh”), Hinterland Who’s Who, our obsession with hockey, a certain hunky Prime Minister, maple syrup, lumberjacks, and Timmy’s double-double to name only a few of the endless, and entertaining, possibilities. As in all VTSL shows, the plot, characters and action are co-developed with the audience – utilizing their suggestions to drive the action and create on-the-spot, unscripted, theatrically-infused comedy.

Being an improv show means that no two performances can ever be the same, but all are guaranteed to be hilarious – leaving you with sore sides from laughing so hard. Celebrate Canada 150, by joining VTSL for some distinctively Canadian laughs. You’ll be nicer for it eh.

Oh, Canada – The True North Strong and Funny runs every Thursday through Saturday evening at 7:30 p.m. from June 29 to September 2. All shows take place at VTSL’s home theatre, The Improv Centre on Granville Island. Tickets start from as low as $10. Show information and tickets for all VTSL productions can be found at

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