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Lord of the Things

The Battle for Middle Mirth

This Time Evil Might Win

Vancouver TheatreSports® League proudly presents a hilarious new show titled Lord of the Things: The Battle for Middle Mirth. Our TheatreSports® improvisers embark on a new challenge with this parody of the hugely popular trilogy Lord of the Rings. A challenge that pits good against evil. Our improvisers will set out on a journey that will require them to take possession of the “Thing of Great Power” and protect it from evil. The “Thing” that the fellowship is so fiercely protecting could be anything. It could be an onion, a Geo Tracker, or a sand dune. It is up to you. The “Thing Bearer”, the Elf, the Dwarf, the Good Wizard and even Gollum will all come to play as they join forces to battle evil with wit and comedy. In the end, you the audience or as referred to by the fellowship as The Council of Middle Mirth, will decide if good prevails or if evil triumphs.

“If you loved the film…you’ll like this comedy even more.” Guy MacPherson, Georgia Straight

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