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Full Metal Improv

Vancouver TheatreSports® League creates the ultimate war movie with “Full Metal Improv.” This production takes you along on a war epic where you decide the outcome. Commando raids, heroic audience members, tap dancing, killer chickens…in the improv army anything can happen.

Meet Private Newbie, the fresh faced new recruit struggling through basic training, and trying hard to fit in with the Platoon. Joining him are Sergeant Emo, the gruff “if-it’s-worth-saying-it’s-worth-yelling” sergeant, Corporal Twitch and Corporal Conspiracy, tough as nails career soldiers, one with a tic, the other with theory. And then there’s Private Expendable…chances are he is not going to make it!

The dangerous mission, the startling capture, the heroic rescue, the climactic victory, and through it all…the laughter! All of it improvised on the spot, in the heat of the battle, and under the watchful eye of General Admission. Featuring an audience of hundreds, real dress fatigues, and more clichés than you can shake your head at; “Full Metal Improv” will leave you one of the Casualties of Comedy!

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