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Breaking News

Ever get the feeling that the networks and newspapers are actually controlling the news? Well now it’s your turn!

With BREAKING NEWS, Vancouver TheatreSports® League gives you the chance to be embedded in improv. Before every newscast, audience members are encouraged to sort through & attach headline clippings to the BREAKING NEWS’ Assignment Editor’s board, then sit back and watch the improvisers bring the stories to their hilarious, provocative & often twisted conclusion. From The Al Shmoa Weekly to The Cheddar Valley Gazette – Sports, Weather, Entertainment, nothing is safe when Today’s Headlines become Tonight’s Comedy!

“We need to remember not to take everything so seriously.” declares Jay Ono, Executive Director of Vancouver TheatreSports® League. “BREAKING NEWS is a chance for us to breathe some humour into both serious and trivial headlines and have some fun with them. “What’s the old adage? No news is good news. Well not anymore. With BREAKING NEWS, all news is good news!”

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