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3 Little Pigs (sort of)

There’s a big bad wolf in town who’s gonna huff and puff and blow the curtain down on TheatreSports new hit classic, “The Three Little Pigs”.

Children and parents are invited to join in the adventures of Big, Oink, and Whadda pigs as they sing, snort and warble their way through the modern adaptation of the classic tale. But wait…there’s a curl in this tale. It’s the Big Bad Wolf who attempts to play his symbolic fairy tale character to the fullest. He’s featured as a haggard, overworked and forgetful New Yorker who’s confused as to which fairy tale he’s presently working. His confusion only adds to the excitement and humour of the story.

Kids are inspired to shout, stomp and gesture to develop the plot as the actors respond to their suggestions through improvisation using imagination and originality to create the dynamics of the show.

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