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Vancouver TheatreSports™ is a unique professional theatre organization dedicated to the growth and exploration of exceptional improv-based work for the purpose of challenging and inspiring the community.



Who We Are & What We Do

Founded in 1980 Vancouver TheatreSports™ is Vancouver’s #1 improv comedy company and a well-respected international leader in the art form – recognized for producing some of the most daring and innovative improv comedy anywhere with a style that is a highly theatrical fusion of the dramatic elements of comedy and tragedy coupled with the enthusiasm and edge-of-your-seat excitement of professional sport. Boasting six International Improv Comedy Awards and starring in several television specials, Vancouver TheatreSports™ first opened its doors at the Back Alley Theatre, where it consistently drew cult-like, capacity crowds. VTS continues to wow audiences at its own theatre,The Improv Centre on Granville Island, entertaining more than 60,000 people per year through 11 shows a week, 52 weeks a year .Over the years, the company has grown and now operates its own professional theatre school, The Improv Comedy Institute (ICI) – offering entry-level through professional-level improv classes. It has also expanded its product categories by adding Improv for Business and Improv for Events. Improv for Business, VTS’ corporate training division, offers training sessions designed to enhance teamwork, communication, creativity and innovation in the workplace. Improv for Events, VTS’ events division, presents more than 150 corporate events yearly – producing custom-tailored shows for corporations, associations and not-for-profit organizations.

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VTS’ improv tournament at Expo ’86 provided the impetus for the present worldwide interest in TheatreSports™. The improv techniques pioneered by Vancouver TheatreSports™ are now used for everything from corporate training to TV parodies. The names of VTS players and alumni are a veritable ‘Who’s Who’ of the North American entertainment and improv scenes. Award-winning performers, TV celebrities, and international personalities have filled out the ranks of VTS’ fast-thinking players including: Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie (Whose Line Is It Anyway), Ellie Harvie (The New Addams Family), Dean Haglund (The X-Files, The Lone Gunmen), and Nancy Robertson (Hiccups, Corner Gas). From 2000-2015, VTS produced the annual Jessie Awards – the ‘Oscars’ for Vancouver’s theatre community.

Vancouver TheatreSports League hosts hilarious improvisational shows that are similar to what you see on "Whose Line Is It Anyway." It has a theatre, bar, and patio - you can bring your drinks into the theatre. You can purchase tickets in advance or at the box office. I recommend taking your friends and family out to VTSL for a nice night of laughter :) Sign up on their site to get a complimentary ticket to a show on your birthday!

Anna Haus, Google Review

One of the only places in Vancouver that supports a year round schedule of improv shows and classes. If you are a fan of improv comedy this is the spot.

Vanessa Tam, Writer


There are many well known performers that have passed through the ranks of Vancouver TheatreSports over the years.

Aberle, Stephen
Agosti, Kristina
Anderson, Peter
Antifave, Scott
Applegath, Brent
Baker, Bob
Ballard, Florence E.
Barrett, Eileen
Beley, Lisa Ann
Bentz, Tammy
Berlin, Judith
Berner, Toby
Black, Mike
Blake, Seamus
Bloomfield, Jessie
Boothby, Ian
Borycki, Martin
Bracht, Mary
Brazeau, Jay
Brewer-White, Elaine
Brummer, Russ
Bryden, Jason
Burke, Amanda
Burton, Beth
Bygrave, Matt
Cameron, Dave
Campbell, Reid
Campbell, Scott
Ceresney, Benita
Chai, Daniel
Chalk, Gary
Chula, Babz
Cochrane, Andrew
Cole, Shelley
Cole, Ted
Cook, Alistair
Cook, Brian
Corbeil, Luc
Corrin, Penelope
Crawford, Rod
Danylo, Roman (Active)
Daum, Jill
Davidson, Janet
Davies, JT
Davis, Helen
Denholm, Julia
Derbyshire, Jan
Diamond, David
Dimopoulos, Stephen
Dungey, Lori
Elliot, Beverley
Elwood, Rich
Fell, Eric
Filer, Rory
Fiore, Judith
Flessati, Gene
Fly, Mike
Forsyth, Ian
Fox, Kelli
Frances, Diana
Fredericks, Roger

Funk, Doug
Fyffe, Laurie
Gebhard, Fran
Gemmer, Monica
Gibson, Bonnie
Gladstone, Jeff
Godsy, Grant
Grahn, Neil
Graydon, Shari
Gurrie, Ray
Haglund, Dean
Hanley, Fil
Harvie, Ellie
Heath, Sharon
Hilton, Rick
Holmes, Tracy
Hondro, Marcus
Hughes, Christopher
Janeshewski, Laura
Jensen, Bing
Joffre, Dan
Johnson, Pam
Jones, David C.
Jones, Gary
Keith, John
Kelamis, Peter
Kennedy, Ellen (Active)
Kenny, Andrew
Kyle, Margaret
Labossiere, Denise
Lambier, Patrick
Lazarus, John
Lecuyer, Yvan
Lepawsky, Noah
Ley, David
L’Hirondelle, Tyronne
Linds, Brian
Lippa, Christine
Ludwig, Patsy
MacDonald, Ken
MacDonald, Shawn
Mackenzie, Donnard
Malpass, Marjorie
Mandryk, Corey
Margalit, Ita
Marr, David
Marriott, Alan
Matysio, Amy
McAteer, Gerry
McCreadie, Drew
McDonald, Ian Ross
McGowan, Dave
McKenna, Patrick
McKay, Tamara
McLarty, Jim
McLeod, David
Mochrie, Colin
Moon, Louise
Moon, Lyle
Morris, Dave
Mossley, Robin
Mulligan, Brian

Myers, Graham
Nadler, Peter
Newell, Douglas
O’Neil, Colleen
Ono, Jay
Osborne, Steve
Owen, Scott
Panych, Morris
Paquin, Suzanne
Petersen, David
Pollard, Barbara
Porter, Michelle
Rendall, Henry
Rhodes, Laura
Rice, Nicholas
Roberts, Ken
Robertson, Nancy
Rohl, Mike
Rosati, Chris
Rumph, Damian
Russell, David
Savath, Phil
Schooley, Mark
Schooley, Randy
Seary, Kim
Selody, Kim
Sera, Clare
Shostak, Amy
Sicoli, Christina
Side, Richard
Simpson, Denis
Skelton, Laura
Skelton, Quinn
Smith, Jason
Snieckus, Naomi
Sood, Veena
Stamm, Raimund
Stiles, Ryan
Taylor, Stayci
Timoshyk, Bill
Tortolano, Bruno
Totino, Frank
Totino, Tony
Turk, Ingrid
Ungaro, Janice
Van Deurse, Lynn
Van Keekan, Fran
Van Riesen, Wendy
Van Ritzen, Kirsten
Valleau, Lori
Watts, Chris
Weatherly, Mark
Weeks, Heidi
Lynne Weiss, Kate
White, Gordon
Wilding, Amy
Williams, Denalda
Winkelman, Tallulah
Wodchis, David
Yorke, Wayne Thomas
Zeilinger, Beatrice

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