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See what improv comedy shows are playing this week at Vancouver TheatreSports League.

Improv After Dark

Things heat up with this edgy 60 minutes of non-stop, fast-paced no-holds-barred comedy for grown-ups.

Rookie Night

Rookie Nights feature our Rookie League players, who have all successfully undergone improv training via the ICI.


Razor-sharp wit and lightning-fast reflexes, two teams of performers are pitted against each other in competitive improv matches.

JFL NorthWest

Just For Laughs brings its world-renowned reputation to the Improv Centre for one-night only shows February 24 and 26 as part of JFL NW!

Throne and Games – A Chance of Snow

VTSL’s improvisers will go to ‘The Wall’ to give patrons an exceptionally entertaining evening of improv comedy.

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