Spooktober – Dare to Laugh

Treat yourself to fangtastic comedy at Spooktober; featuring four different Halloween themed shows in 11 weekly performances. Starts Oct 9.

Spooktober – Dare to Laugh

Whether it’s with a group of ‘ghoulfriends’ getting together for a night out, or a date with your bae, we dare you to laugh this October with a ‘spirited’ line-up of Halloween-themed shows October 9-31. Spooktober – a limited-run seasonal celebration of all things eerie features four different shows for a total of 11 ‘spell-binding’ weekly performances you’ll be dying to see.

Monster Matches pits teams of monsters against one another in a series of ‘head-to-headless’ short-form scenarios to see who ‘eeeks’ the most laughs. Will the werewolves defeat the witches, or zombies overcome the vampires? In this fast-paced roller-ghoster, the winner is determined by audience judges. Monster Matches runs every Tuesday/Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. and Friday/Saturday at 9:30 p.m.

Cult Fiction – Everyone Laugh Together is framed as a documentary. Hosted by an investigative journalist; the players utilize audience suggestions to spin a ‘spellbinding’ tale behind the cult including the core cult belief and some of its unique traits – the more ridiculous the suggestions the more inventive the action and louder the laughter. Cult Fiction runs every Thursday through Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

Scared Witless – Creepy Campfire Tales sees a group of hikers trapped by a storm in a spooky forest. What to do? Inspired by audience suggestions, our intrepid hikers settle in for an evening of telling / acting out ghost stories. The improvisers turn these into ‘bootifully’ comedic episodes. What could possibly go wrong? Scared Witless runs Wednesday/Thursday at 9:15 p.m.

WTF – What the Fright takes its format from our regular late night show What the Fun! The show takes some of the more bizarre news headlines found in the media and social media and gives them a ‘screamingly’ funny twist. What the Fright runs Fridays/Saturday at 11:15 p.m.

Give your ‘funny bones’ a shake and ‘treat’ yourself to a night of ‘unboolievably’ hilarious improv comedy.


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Programming and shows subject to change without notice.


...my group and I had attended the Halloween show on Saturday... We all had a fantastic time! I knew to expect a good time, but my expectations were far exceeded. Per usual, the show went off without a hitch and was a great form of entertainment for a lot of the improv virgins I brought along with me.

Brodi, Vancouver

These guys are hilarious!! I've been a few times, and seen a few different shows- they do battles, themes and beginners; but each show is different. Great for a night out with mates or a first date ice breaker. Definitely worth checking out!

SClarey, Vancouver

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