#NoFilter – The LOL of TMI

Our improvisers delve into our over-shared digital world. From Snapchat to Instagram, Weibo to Facebook and everything in between.

#NoFilter – The LOL of TMI

#NoFilter uses the spontaneity of improv comedy to delve into our fleeting, over-shared digital world. From Snapchat to Instagram, Weibo to Facebook and everything in between, #NoFilter finds the fun and funny in how much we share about ourselves with nearly total strangers – crushing the LOL of TMI.

This is a very interactive show, where live-stream social media (projected on the theatre’s giant screen) will be used along with audience suggestions (verbal, texted or Tweeted) to drive the action.

The first half of the show features a series of short vignettes – for instance, the actual Tweets of celebrities chosen by the audience could form the dialogue of a scene. Another scene may feature the improvisers scrolling through an Instagram feed to use as the basis of an improvised on-the-spot ‘TED-like Talk.’ The second half of the show transitions into long form improv where the players have the opportunity to really explore a platform through improvised comedy such as a mini-movie based on the ‘I Saw You’ section of Craigslist or, the improvisers could create a fictional social media personality and, using audience suggestions, explore the celebrity’s world through how they present themselves on the various social media platforms.

#NoFilter plays every Thursday evening at 9:15 p.m.

Half Price Hilarity – Tickets for #NoFilter are half-price $7.75 (plus fees/taxes) instead of $15.75 so come on your own, or put a group together. At this price, who wants to stay home and watch Netflix.

#NoFilter is a 17+ show, persons age 17 & 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

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Everyone should go to one o these shows. Guarantee laughs lol

Vivien Yeng, Facebook Review

We had purchased tickets to the 9:15 show and it was even funnier than the 7:30 one. We will be back.

Gary, Trip Advisor

It's always such a pleasure - always involving hysterical laughter, staff is super friendly. You will NEVER leave disappointed. ☺️

Jasmine Barzegar, Facebook Review

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