Halloween Monster Match 2017

Join us October 28th for the Halloween Monster Match 2017, featuring costumed performers in two head to headless SPOOKtacular competitions!

Halloween Monster Match 2017

Celebrate the season of goblins and Jack-O-Lanterns at our SPOOKtacular event – Halloween Monster Match featuring costumed performers in two head-to-headless competitions where all but one ghoul will perish. The Improv Centre is transformed with HAUNTing décor into an eerie sepulchre worthy of any Demon or night-loving Vampire. Guest’s will be TREATED to two on-stage matches plus you can shake your bones to the BLOODCURDLING DJ beats at the DANSE MACABRE . Have your palm read by Madame Improvo or visit Poe Corner, where the spectre of a long-dead poet will SPELLBIND you with improvised POEms that The Raven itself would find beguiling. Mix and mingle with Denizens of the Dark (roving performers) who’ll delight you with their TRICKy antics. You’ll find DEVIL MAY CARE specials on potions and poisons at VTSL’s Neil Macrae Bar and Lounge. Join the Costume Parade – the audience votes for the best costume with the winner receiving an invitation to every VTSL opening night for a year. As Count Dracula would say, it’ll be a very “gooood evening.”

Tickets for the whole evening are $37 for all seats.

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Programming and shows subject to change without notice.


These guys are hilarious!! I've been a few times, and seen a few different shows- they do battles, themes and beginners; but each show is different. Great for a night out with mates or a first date ice breaker. Definitely worth checking out!

SClarey, Vancouver

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