Our People

Su Scarfe

Ensemble - Tech Improviser (Lighting) and Stage Manager
  • Joined VTSL: 2003
  • Why did you become a lighting improviser? “I transitioned from Stage Manager (at Revue Theatre) to Lighting Improviser when we moved to The Improv Centre. Didn’t know that’s what I wanted to do but I’m glad I was told that’s what I was going to do. I like keeping the Players in the spotlight.’
  • What do you like most about tech improv? “It’s laughter therapy every single night.”
  • Challenges of tech improv: “Being challenged by the Players to create new environments visually.”
  • Favourite TV shows: Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead
  • Comic inspirations: Amy Schumer, Joan Rivers, Geoffrey Chaucer (The Canterbury Tales c.1400)

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