Our People

Randy Schooley

Ensemble - Mainstage
  • Joined VTSL: 1987
  • TV credits: starring roles in six different TV series; most recently for the Comedy Network – Rock Point PD (2002), The Unprofessionals (2001),Bones (2001), Skullduggery 
  • Randy has worked with Robin Williams, Adam Sandler and Ryan Stiles.
  • Awards:
    • Three World Improv Championships at Just For Laughs in Montreal
    • 2001 Leo nomination for ‘Best Comedy Actor’ for The Unprofessionals
  • IMDB profile
  • Favourite VTSL role: Donald Trump, The Imprentice
  • Favourite movie: Fargo
  • “I can belly dance and I’m an expert on Etch a Sketch.”

How did improv change your life?
“Improv taught me how to listen. How to share. It helped me find some like minded people where I really feel appreciated and I feel a part of a community.  I thought I’d do it for a few years….its been 28 and I still love it”

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