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Friday nights heat up this summer with Vancouver TheatreSports™ League’s Late Night Fridays.

This 19+ show is 60 minutes of fast-paced no holds barred comedy for the adult in all of us. Featuring a roster of all your favourite improvisers, and a fully-stocked bar, Late Night Fridays are the real weekend kick-off. No Minors!

June 6

Improv against the clock! Teams of two engage in a race against time to complete their scenes and win the hearts of the audience in this hilarious and fast paced, head to head competition. The Time Master will run each team against unforeseen challenges, surprises and obstacles as the seconds tick down to an explosive finish where one celebrity, audience judge will have to decide who escapes with victory and who is left buried in the rubble.

June 13

Our players are constantly creating fantastic tales when they improvise but their own experiences are often even more unbelievable. In this show our players share incredible lies and unbelievable truths about their lives and then recreate them live on stage. It’s up to the audience to separate the truth from the lies in this outrageous improvised extravaganza.  WARNING: Mature content.

June 20

We take Late Night improv to a new, naughty level with Improv Dominatrix.

The night will be hosted by "Mistress Improv" as she takes control of our improvisers making sure they give an unforgettable and satisfying performance. If they succeed, they will be rewarded. If they don’t ...they will be punished. Each brave performer will try their hand at directing their fellow improvisers in scenes designed to please Mistress Improv. But ultimately, it will be you, the audience, who decides their fate. Will you be merciful?

Come have a spanking good time at Improv Dominatrix.

June 27

Do you enjoy scandal, betrayal and tawdry affairs?  Well, who doesn’t??!!  At VTSL, we LOVE them!  Each month, Sordid Soaps takes on a different genre of soap opera and plays the characters, the plots, the sexy-ness to the extreme. Please note:  These are not your momma’s stories. You have got to be 19+ to appreciate them.  (wink)


Fridays at 11:15pm

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