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"Vancouver TheatreSports takes improv to new heights with The Improv Musical." Guy MacPherson more

"...a fascinating and funny hour thatís quickly becoming a mid-week must-do for fans of musical theatre." Peter Birnie  more

"Like Glee? Youíll love The Improv Musical! Iíd forgotten I could laugh that hard." Julie Ovenell-Carter more

"My face is still hurting from laughing hysterically for a full hour." Anita York more


Comedy thatís music to your ears.

Finally the improvised Broadway Musical youíve been waiting for! Itís a premier every night as our fearless cast performs a musical inspired by the famous works of Broadway - and your suggestions!

Vancouver TheatreSports' newly formed musical improv ensemble will take you to Broadway with heart-rending ballads, rock anthems, show-stopping choruses and lots of laughter. Music, lyrics, plot and comedy plus every last cherished musical theatre clichť in the genre, improvised on the spot.

Composed of the top voices and talent of the mainstage cast, the ensemble harnesses over a 100 years of experience to pull off this amazing feat. Not only will this show blow your mind with a one hour improvised play, it will be music to your ears!

Wednesdays at 7:30pm

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